Bio-Gas Power Generators A Kwara State Poly Invention

Bio-Gas Power Generators A Kwara State Poly Invention


The Mechanical Engineering department in the Kwara State Polytechnic Institute of Technology, Ilorin, has invented Bio – Gas from cow-dung and poultry droppings to power generator sets.

The Bio-Gas was successfully tested via powering of generators and cooking which was changed from gaseous to liquid form in order to compress it into the cylinder which will later be suitable for sale to consumers if it is commercialized.

The Director of the Institute, Engr. Atanda Tunji Lawal while Speaking on the invention to the public, said that the project was inspired by the county’s economic recession, especially on the cost of petrol and insufficient power supply in the country.

Lawal also said that bio-gas is safer and more economical than petrol, stating that, “it is not injurious to the consumer like petrol because it has no carbon-dioxide while petrol is toxic to the human system.

“When Bio-Gas is used under same condition with petrol, Bio-Gas lasts six hours longer than petrol making the cost of maintenance very low”.

The Director also stated the life span of generator that uses Bio-Gas is longer than that of petrol engine.

He however called on Government to pay more attention to Polytechnics as they help in diversifying the nation’s economy, “funding the polytechnics is like developing the nation” he said.

He therefore called on State Government to assist the Polytechnic Authority in recruiting more hands as most experienced staff are being retired.



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