Nigeria Unrest: The View Of A comrade

About Comrade Jeremiah Friday (Applewater)

Comrade Jeremiah Friday is a trained Mechanical Engineer from the prestigious Petroleum Training Institute. He is the current Senate President of the National Association Of  Polyte body  of covering all Nigeria Polytechnics, Monotechnics and Colleges of Education. With the zeal to change todays  poilitics and also improve the participation of youths in politics.

With the recent trends about the intended exits of the Ingenious People Of Biafra (IPOB) and the rise of the exit of the westerners by the Arewa people, Comrade Jeremiah had this to say:



Sometimes I read on national dailies seeing people like Nnamdi Kanu with his pseudo behavior mobilizing indirectly for the disintegration of Nigeria hiding under the identity of IPOB to champion an agenda I describe selfish, self-centered and Carlos.

In Northern Nigeria some purported charlatans hiding under the identity of Arewa Northern Coalition to tell the Igbos to quite in the Northern Nigeria.

%0in the Northern Nigeria.

I feel very ashamed not because they don’t have the right to agitation but because they lack the basic knowledge to rightly engage, in my research about the politically triggered actions they lack the Merit and will power to therefore hide under a group to threaten the peace and unity of Nigeria, in my further observation I discovered Nigerians made Nnamdi Kanu and his co- travelers more popular because no one has summoned the boldness to call these elements not even the Nigerian Government for an open debate to tell Nigerians Their original intentions, in my own view, arresting him will not stop or solve the problem but rather giving them room to become popular elements.

However, we should not look at the actions of these elements, but must also begin to engage them intellectually and constructively.

The idea of inciting people against a nation all in the name of liberation without a political education is highly and out-rightly condemn-able.

recently I was in Onitsha to conduct an interaction with some group of people whom I saw as die-hard Biafrans, I quickly created a discus and I asked many to tell me what is the major reason for Biafra agitation, vis-à-vis what they stand to gain?

Honestly no one could give me a tangible answer rather responses coming from them is that weather we like it or not, Biafra has come to stay, and they are ready to die for Biafra, I quickly concluded that many may have died ignorantly for a course they knows nothing of.
Secondly I found out that many are enlightened, some never had any form of basic education of any kind, also found out that the educated Igbo’s actually do not align themselves with the Nnamdi Kanu agitation.
In my question again, i asked what if Nnamdi Kanu is not available to continue, will the agitation continue?

For the Arewa Northern Coalition, my advice for them is to be practical and constructive to hold their leaders accountable and Begin to demand for inclusive engagement politically, socially and economically in the development of their region.

Finally, I challenge them to a round table discus, let’s come together and articulate our views and points, let embrace peace and stop fanning the embers of war.



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